Volume 24 | 1 - 2020
Revista Discusiones
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Print ISSN: 1515-7326 – E-ISSN: 2718-6474

Revista Discusiones

In 2000 Pablo Navarro, Andrés Bouzat and Luis Esandi started the journal publishing a single annual issue until 2012. From that year on, Hernán Bouvier took on the direction, turning the journal to two issues per year and adding the sections Cortes, Libros and Balance. In 2019 Federico Arena joined as director.

Current Director: Federico J. Arena

Discusiones is an Argentine journal dedicated to the analysis of problems of the Theory of Law, Ethics, Political and Social philosophy. It is edited in Spanish by ediUNS and by the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina. It publishes two issues per year in print and on-line versions.


The core of each number of Discusiones is a main paper written upon invitation, followed by critical works and a response by the author of the main paper.

Likewise, since the year 2012 the journal includes further sections. Discusiones Cortes: is dedicated to the critical analysis of decisions from important Courts or Tribunals and of critical issues regarding the institutional design of the judiciary. Discusiones Libros: isdedicated to discussing the main idea of a classical or recent book or set of papers.

Balance de una discusión: is aimed at taking stock of previous debates hosted by the journal or that have taken place in other publications; trying to project them to the future. Every article is subjected to a peer-review process.

Previous issues of Discusiones have dealt, for instance, with constitutional justice, unconstitutionality of norms, evidence standards, reasons, coherence in the law, skepticism in the interpretation of norms, social practice, willful ignorance, among others.


Revista Discusiones
Avda. Colón 50, planta alta, Bahía Blanca, Provincia de Buenos Aires, CP B8000HZK, Argentina.
Print ISSN: 1515-7326 – E-ISSN: 2718-6474


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