Discusiones is a leading Argentinian peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the analysis of different problems in jurisprudence, ethics, political and social philosophy. The journal is published in Spanish by ediUNS and by the Universidad Nacional del Sur of Argentina. It publishes two issues per year in print, which are also available in digital format.

Each number of the magazine has four sections: the main section is dedicated to the discussion of a central work, followed by a series of critical studies, and a reply of the author of the main article. The section Discusiones: Cortes is intended for the critical discussion of a judicial sentence or a jurisprudential line of some court or relevant tribunal. The section Discusiones: Libros is destined to discuss a central idea present in a work considered classic or a work of recent appearance. By last, the section consists in returning to previous discussions that have took place in the magazine in the past, in order to project them towards the future (Discusiones: Balance)

The published numbers are available for download or reading online here, and edited numbers, here. They can also be downloaded through and CervantesVirtual.